Best Wine Accompaniment for Lockdown Steaks

Best Wine Accompaniment for Lockdown Steaks

We have teamed up with our good friends over at Drinks Aisle to bring you a blog post to brighten up your lockdown.

We wanted to talk to you about one of their best loved red wines and thought we better give you some ideas on what meat you should be eating with it.

The wine experts at Drinks Aisle love Butchers Block Mendozan Malbec, an excellent value, juicy red wine from Argentina. This quality Malbec enjoys a rounded fruity flavour with some herbal aromas and chalky minerality.

Butchers Block is brought alive with a good juicy steak and, therefore, our recommended accompaniment is ribeye steak, one of our juiciest and most flavourful cuts. As the name suggests, it comes from the cow's rib region. Ribeye is also called cowboy ribeye when served with the rib bone still attached. Bone in our out, this is definitely one our head butcher’s favourite cuts to serve.

How should you cook it? Hard and fast. High heat and plenty of seasoning. Some people like to score the fat to allow it to render. Don’t remove the fat before cooking, even if you don’t enjoy eating it. The melting fat provides flavour and juices for you to baste onto your steak as it cooks. Make sure you throw in a good chunk of butter for extra flavour near the end of cooking.

The key to this steak and wine partnership is in the seasoning of your steak, so don’t be stingy with the pepper. The heat of the peppercorns really brings out the subtle spices of the wine and the meatiness of the steak combines wonderfully with the minerality. These two are a match made in heaven.

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Visit Drinks Aisle to view Butchers Block Mendozan Malbec and their fabulous red wine collection.

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